• WTC SYDNEY will create an Ecosystem for International Trade by connecting the local businesses with 320 Cities in nearly 100 countries
    and will create a significant uplift in Trade and Economy.
  • The estimated Direct Employment by WTC SYDNEY is 54,500.
  • The Companies operating in WTC SYDNEY can generate an Indirect Employment of 46,000 in Sydney and NSW in various areas like Primary
    Production, Advance Manufacturing, Aviation, Aerospace, Logistics,
    Innovation, Health Care, Bio Technology, etc.
  • Flow on Supply chain impacts as a result of construction and operation,
    also known as the Indirect Economic contribution, will be $ 21.5 Bn per
  • Induced Employment in Travel, Tourism, Hotel, Retail, etc. can be another 66,500 which will make the Cumulative Employment of WTC SYDNEY as
  • WTC Sydney is estimated to make a Direct Economic Contribution of $22.7 Bn per year, which is the value added in the production of goods and services directly carried out by the development.
  • Induced Economic Contribution is estimated to be $54.1 Bn per year, by way of value added in the production of goods and services purchased by the wage income earned by employees
  • Additional Tax Contribution of $12.6 Bn per Year.

Ecosystem for
International Trade

World Trade Center Sydney (WTC SYDNEY) is a project to create an Ecosystem, to promote International Trade, Economic Activity and Employment generation in Sydney, by connecting Sydney with 322 other Cities in 87 Countries across the World through the WTC Network. WTC SYDNEY will ensure a seamless flow of demand from these 322 International Cities to Sydney, causing the Export from NSW to increase significantly. Aerotropolis Group proposes to establish an innovative mixed use development centred on the WTC at Bringelly.


Economic Impact Assessment of World Trade Center Sydney (WTC SYDNEY) was conducted by PwC, the highlights of which are given below.

Economic Output

  • 22.7
  • Billion USD
  • Direct Economic Output
  • 21.5
  • Billion USD
  • Indirect Economic Output
  • 54.1
  • Billion USD
  • Induced Economic Output


  • 54,500
  • Direct Jobs
  • 46,000
  • Indirect Jobs
  • 66,500
  • Induced Jobs


  • 12.6
  • Billion USD
  • Taxation Revenue


WTC license provides many advantages for investors and their community marketplaces.Learn how the WTC Business Network can position you for success.

The WTC Brand

The high-profile WTC name, along with typically high-image events and large volumes of people who visit WTCs, provides implicit value to tenants.

Concentration Of Services

WTCs consolidate International Trade Agencies and private sector firms involved in global trade and commerce, providing single-point access.

Redevelopment Impact

Because of scale or government sponsorship, WTCs in most cases dramatically upgrade local real estate patterns, providing strong investor ROI.

Economic Impact

With hotel, conference and exhibition facilities, WTCs attract substantial out-of-town visitation, producing positive fiscal impact for their communities.

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